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Our casino company looks out for interested investors. We believe that Asciiche is a perfect investment for businessmen. From the stage of inception till date, we have all the documents necessary to show what we have accomplished. Our documents are all verified and have been registered legally. Our business plan has the following information.

  • Demand for our casino
  • Justification of our investment in assets
  • Design by our architect
  • Theme of our casino
  • Games and activities planned by the casino
  • One time expenditure
  • Day to day expenditure estimated
  • Scale model of the casino including layout and style

We would like to present all our paperwork to the prospective investors to show just how profitable and viable our venture can be. Our company is not just about profit making, but also customer satisfaction. We believe that investments are worth it if the customers are happy and will come back to us.

We want to look at the bigger picture. The long-term goals need to be achieved. If in the short term it is beneficial but is bound to fail in the long run, it is not worth it. We acknowledge the fact that a casino means heavy investment. The cash in hand alone is a high-value amount. Apart from that, there is also the money to be given to the vendors and suppliers.

We believe in using good quality and state of the art material. Be it simple games like the wheel of fortune or a high-tech game such as a video game, we want it to stand out. we are very careful about a product that will last long. The food and the drinks are also of high quality.

We also pay our employees very well. We are one big family that look forward to being the king of entertainment. Our track record shows just that.